Go Athletics

Last year at this time, I wrote a blog post about my desire to become a bona fide sports fan. In the post, I considered where my desire to become a sports fan comes from and what was holding me back.

One year later, I believe that I have earned the title of "fan."

Several events led to my success:

my sons and I at A's game dressed in green and gold

Baseball in the Minors

Noah has played on an organized baseball team in two games now. I am very pleased that he is enjoying it so well. Michele and I have wanted him to get involved in a team sport but didn't want to push him too hard. Through gentle persistence, Michele got him signed up on the Cubs. Perhaps, going to a couple of A's games this year has helped. Regardless, he is in it and has expressed to us that he is enjoying it.

What My Wedding Was Like

Our wedding was wonderful.

Michele found an amazing outdoor location for the wedding that was set in the rugged country of the American River but was quite fancy and very classy. We met for rehearsal dinner in Forrest Ranch and it was very enjoyable to spend time with our closets friends and both our families. I remember there were several speeches at the dinner and I felt very loved.


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